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How Do We Pre-Qualify?

Katy Pros has interviewed each and every service provider to ensure they provide the highest quality service.


Licensing & Insurance

We make sure all of our providers have the proper state licenses where required, and general liability insurance for your protection.    

Reference Checks

Each of our providers undergo a reference check where we obtain homeowner feedback to confirm they meet the Katy Pros standard.    

Getting To Know the Provider

Each provider meets with Check A Pro Joe personally so we can make sure they are ready to uphold the Katy Pros Quality Standard.    

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Hear from some of our happy homeowners on hiring a Katy Pros qualified home service provider.

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Katy Pros is a great resource for the community when it comes to home needs. Contractors are vetted properly and know that the service any home owner or business requests, requires the absolute best in quality and experience.

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Sean C.

Katy Pros is a great resource for homeowners to hire quality, insured, vetted home service providers! Nothing is more comforting to me, as a homeowner, to know that a true professional will be helping me care and repair or upgrade my home. Thanks Katy Pros for all you do!

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Dorinda O.

The Katy Pros team is very dedicated to the home service industry and investing in quality contractors through this professional organization that vets home service professionals.

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Kathryn B.

Katy Pros is a great place to find experienced, qualified, & licensed home contractors from electricians to plumbers, pool service to remodeling contractors!

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Taresa V.

Amazing contractors! It is nice to know where to turn when I need a contractor instead of just googling and hoping they are good. Katy Pros takes the guess work out . And a bonus is the are all locally owned and operated and so are all the contractors on their site.

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Carol H.

I used Katy Pros to hire a service provider for our home and he was very polite, on time (actually early), efficient and so knowledgeable. Thank you so much to Katy Pros and all who work there for making this a great experience. I look forward to the next time.

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Vicki W.

I have known Check A Pro Joe (Jim Klauck) for a long time. He has done a great job putting together a great resource that we use often. We have customers that call us and need roofers, painters, plumbers, landscapers, etc and if I do not know someone I will direct them to Katy Pros.

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Chris L.

Katy Pros provides what the other sites don’t in that Katy Pros limits their recommendations to contractors who have been vetted and qualified by Joe Pro. He knows who’s doing your remodel or repairs and uses them himself. Other sites are basically a modern day version of the Yellow Pages. You will get the best service and if you have a problem, Joe Pro wants to know. There are too many contractors in Houston to figure out who is reliable and who is not, so trust the experts at Katy Pros!

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Stacy G.

I can tell you that as a homeowner anytime I need a product or service, I always go to Katy Pros first. Katy Pros is a Houston area group of the best of the best of service providers. Recently I needed an electrician, and I called Katy Pros. He arrived on time, nicely dressed, and completed the work in record time, then gave me a very Reasonable bill. I have been using Katy Pros for more than seven years, and I’ve never been disappointed.

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Doc G.

Katy Pros is a great source to find the best contractors in your area. Jim and Katy Pros is the best choice for finding the right companies needed to do a great job. I like their process of how they are finding qualified people to recommended services. I’d highly recommend people go to Check A Pro’s website and Katy Pro’s to read about companies and pick who suits them best. Jim and his team find ways to keep everyone working together to help make sure you have all the referral services you need. Thanks for providing such a great resource!

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Alecia S.

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Katy Pros was founded in 2005 right here in Houston Texas by local resident Jim Klauck A.K.A. Check A Pro Joe. Katy Pros is dedicated to serving our community by providing a FREE Referral Service to local Katy Texas homeowners. Katy Pros checks Licenses, Insurance and References on each and every Home Service Provider listed on this website. The owner, Jim Klauck (Check A Pro Joe) also meets with and interviews the owner of each service provider company.


Katy Pros is your source for local pre-qualified home service providers. From air conditioning specialists, electricians, plumbers, and pest control all the way to swimming pool maintenance, tree care and window replacement; by visiting, you can find any professional and feel confident you are hiring a reliable, reputable service provider.

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