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Waterwise Sprinklers (2)
Ed Vitulli, Owner
(832) 497-1087

Katys premier sprinkler company!

We specialize in installing and repairing your sprinkler system. We have years of experience here in Katy Texas taking care of your neighbors yards.

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Creative Scape Design (1)
Brandon Dyche, Owner
(281) 962-0465

Creative Scape Design, established in 2003, is family-owned and operated. Our main objective has been to provide the highest quality service to our customers. We are one of the few companies that create a harmonious relationship between the customer and their environment. We design outdoor living areas by utilizing both hard-scapes and soft-scapes and proper placement of all plant material for a pleasing environment the customer will enjoy. We maintain the highest quality of customer service.

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Sprinklers & Irrigation
Sprinklers/ Irrigation / Houston Contractors

A sprinkler is a device used for the distribution of water from plumbing pipes, by spraying it into the air. There are two types of sprinkler systems. One is an irrigation sprinklers system. The irrigation sprinkler system is for irrigation of lawns or crops. Another type of sprinkler system is fire sprinklers. Fire sprinkler systems are used for fire suppression within buildings and facilities. Many people have irrigation sprinklers installed on their property to add convenience to watering the lawn. Some sprinkler systems can even be put on a schedule to turn on and off as your please, making a beautiful lawn easy and simple.

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